I Can See A Woman Crying

I can see a woman crying,  I can see a big hat,  I can see all different shapes on the face.  I think she looks all scared.

I can see lots of bright colours
And loads of different shape
On the face
Like she’s scared
Lost for words
Like she is lonely, worried
Biting her nails
She just betrayed someone

I can see a woman she’s crying
That’s souls going
Into her mouth
And she’s sucking up souls
Like when you read books
Or watch films
And they get souls
Going into mouths

It could be just a dull gloomy moment.  I think she’s upset about something.  Her mom could have passed away, or something just horrible could have happened.  Doesn’t have to be someone dying.  Maybe something bad has just happened?  Looks like she’s seen a ghost or something.  She’s different than most humans. Maybe she regrets something she had done wrong, or she’s praying to god or she’s killed someone. And then they come back…

Someone could have
Posted a letter through
Saying you are next
Or the thing that looks
Just like a tissue
Could be something
Like, I know, you know, a love
Letter or something

Or a million dollar bill. Maybe she is happy but she is just laughing tears of happiness. Her husband just came home from the war and he’s alive. So she’s crying for joy. It might her birthday and someone might have bought her a sports car.

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