Paper money, bitcoin money
Plastic money, pocket money
All that money needs to come my way

Tier-1 money, ransom money
Bribery money, burglar money
Stacks of money need to go my way

Cash flow money, savings money
Easy money, whitewashed money
Truckloads of money need to come my way

Gimme your funds
Gimme your bonds
Gimme your shiny wallet, your solid
Your rock-hard pretty solvent
Creditworthy and sturdy
And undeniably dirty and waiting
Cause your savings are just sleeping
And keeping you poor so what’s that for
Man, are you asleep?
It’s never too late to bite the bait
And trust me and my fees and rates
Multiply your treasures
Start measures to get agile and healthy
Become incredibly wealthy
Cause greed is good, yeah?
Now just repeat that every day


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