One Fine Day In Heaven

One fine day in heaven
God was teaming up
He gathered all the angels
And said we have to stop
Nurturing our brand
Our reputation
‘Cause all the money spent
Could never wash away the nasty mess
That’s heaven sent

Then one valiant angel
Cried for heaven’s sake
Why did we resort to
Seven fucking plagues
We could have done much more
To true believers
So tell me what’s in store
For all the pious people so devout
And so galore

Hurricanes and storms and contaminations
Rivers flooding the fields, ruining the crops
Ulcers covering the flesh of purulent nations
Are we ever credited for doing our jobs

One fine day in heaven
The truth was recognised
All the bad misfortune
Merely emphasised
Nothing could convince
The true believers
So God forgave their sins
And sends a new disaster ever since
To his bunny kins

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