Out Of Your Mind

We’re up on the shelves
We’re reading ourselves
We’re biding the time while you play your games
We’re yearning for love
A word from above
Your fingers caressing our authors names
We stand side by side
Against the tide
Shoulder to shoulder and upright

You seemed so concerned
When our family was burnt
By people provoked by a single man
There’s so much you’ve learned
From the pages you turned
We don’t really mind that was way back when
We know you’re benign
So send us a sign
Come crawling out of your wasteland

Are you out of your mind

There’s poems and prose
And comfort for those
Who’re looking for shelter in fantasies
There’s comics and science
Some mistake lines
Some heroes from fine ancient tragedies
There’s motives and means
To discard your screens
And broaden your faltered horizon

Are you out of your mind

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