There’s My Firstborn Talking

See the particles bouncing
In a deadly blaze
Like a fly on a windshield
Trapped in a purple haze
Kinetic energy rising
To a billion degrees
It’s getting so dark

With the binary mergers
And the giant branch
Like a whirling snowflake
In an avalanche
You could do the math now
And calculate
The size of the spark

There’s my firstborn talking
All black holes, white dwarfs
Particles colliding
And merging in stars
There’s my firstborn talking
Gravitational waves
Neutron stars exploding
And meeting their graves

On a distant planet
A lot of lightyears away
We made the galaxy tremble
Until we stopped to say
How could we be so foolish
In our stubborn ways
And we put out the spark

There’s my firstborn talking
Space and time rewind
She’s got more than a handful
Dimensions in mind
There’s my firstborn talking
Astrophysics and art
How I love that girl
With all of my heart

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