Cian’s Song

Makes you wanna jump!

Cian’s Song, the new single from The Dutch, will be released on June 16. It’s a rock song, heavier than what most will be used from The Dutch. The instrumentation is traditional for the band: guitar and piano dominate the sound. Drummer Klaas Jonkmans surprises with an adventurous beat. Fragments of strings create an exciting atmosphere. Lyrically, Cian’s Song is an ode to open-mindedness and fun playing, symbolized by grandson (of singer Hans Croon) Cian, who prefers not to waste his time sleeping, dozing and doing nothing. He can’t do much yet, but look at him jumping!

Cian’s Song was mixed, produced and mastered by bass player Jan de Kruijf. The single will be released on the Run the Story label and can be enjoyed on all streaming channels such as Spotify.





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