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Ladies and gentlemen, please have your passports ready, we’re approaching Brighton & Hove!

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Latest album: Four

The Dutch is back in town!  Our latest album is named Four. Released with a big bang on the presentation party in the Amsterdam Paradiso. Some of our friends joined us on stage to add fine brass harmonies to songs like Isle Of U and You Can’t Be Wrong.
Read all reviews here. You can buy the album here, or listen to it on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and what have you.

Singles and video footage 

The first single released from the album is Fine Shields We Are. Read all about it here.
The second single released from the album is Bye, Ministry Man. Read all about it here.
The third single is Isle Of U. If you don’t know where that is, you’re probably lost, so go find it! Read all about it here.
And the fourth one is Brighton and Hove, our hommage to the sunny side of the UK. Read all about it here.

The album can be bought in our webshop.
The singles are digitally available on all streaming and download sites.
Check out our lovely music videos


If you understand Dutch and you’re interested, you can read our biography posted on the website of the Dutch music encyclopaediaWikipedia or Discogs. We couldn’t tell it any better.



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