Sketches of song lyrics by The Dutch

Here are the lyrics to most of our songs. So please pick your song, by album and in alphabetical order:


Basically Your Love
Beat The Drum
Brighton & Hove
Bye, Ministry Man
Copy That Line
Fine Shields We Are
Isle Of U
Is This Your House
Left Of Centre
Mr Taxidriver
This Train Is About To Explode
You Can’t Be Wrong


This Is Welfare

Civil Service Playing Time
Heimat Vorbei (b-side This Is Welfare)
The Good Earth
This Is Welfare
Where Did The Inquisition Fail
The End Of Ideology


Under The Surface

All My Life
Another d’Artagnan (A European Song)
Another Sunny Day
In My Head
Once Again
Out Here Where The Caveman Dwells (b-side America)
Swim Or Go Under
This Old Land
Video (single)


Working In Los Alamos

Nous Sommes Très Petits
Working In Los Alamos part 1
Working In Los Alamos part 2




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